To mock or not to mock (via Liam’s Blog)

What matter most not now or what ever happen.Are we ready .To live everyday as a precious and valuable.Work hard to accept our fate as humans and worthy enough to preserve our planet.

So today is judgment day, and I have mixed feelings. Not about whether the Rapture might happen or not, but about how I should conduct myself in the run up to 6pm, and what I should do and say at 6.01. To Mock I truly think that the guys who think they’ve calculated the rapture, and the thousands who have given up their homes, jobs, and wasted thousands of dollars on this are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. And I very much want myself, my chu … Read More

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I wonder if they know what snow looks like? (via Stone crumbles…)

I wonder if they know what snow looks like? Look at me not actually writing anything again… but pictures are pretty, right? These are a few shots from the Florida trip I crashed with my friend's family (well, I was invited – to clarify) during 'Reading Week' (AKA the equivalent of Spring Break in February where you are supposed to catch up on homework… or you can go to Disneyland and Hogwarts). A little pink with the skies opening… can you hear the chorus? How f***ing adorable, right … Read More

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American Sauce: What's the point in Afghanistan now? (via CNN Political Ticker)

Capitol Hill (CNN) — On Capitol Hill, the end of Osama bin Laden is opening up a new chapter in the debate over the war he sparked. (See what Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Indiana, told CNN over the weekend here.) This week, American Sauce burrows into the basic and slippery question of "what is the mission in Afghanistan?" You'll hear a difference between how Presidents Bush and Obama described the objectives and how the military in Afghanistan outline … Read More

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madrid part I (via chouchou’s little world)

madrid part I first of all, i want to thank sara from collage vintage for giving me so many tips for madrid. it wouldn’t have been that great without her restaurant/cafe/and shopping suggestions. muchas gracias! palacio real – clinique quickliner for eyes12 moss, dior addict 763 – random street –  lolina vintage café – palacio real – la latina quarter – lolina vintage café – yummy food – palacio real. i’m wearing boots from rachel comey, shorts: liliane, fake … Read More

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Cover Shot (via It’s about light)

Cover Shot This afternoon saw me in a rush to shoot for a project I am doing on wine making in the Yarra Valley. With not long left to shoot before the images need to be off for test printing, and the weather looking pretty miserable for the coming week, I was not very positive about my prospects. Alas I took a chance I went for a drive, even though the skies were looking grey and gloomy, and the vineyards looking flat and boring, I had a feeling the sun wo … Read More

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Solitude in the Forest of Clouds (via Peace, Love & Agave Nectar)

Solitude in the Forest of Clouds Narrow and sometimes muddy paths wind over more than seven miles of trails, loop around streams, and dance dangerously close to steep drop-offs. It is a place where the sun only ever kisses the treetops and an eternal fog shrouds the moss-covered trees. The Reserva Bosque Nuboso Santa Elena, or Santa Elena Cloud Forest, is a pla … Read More

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Osama–The Last Deception (via Grantcoulson’s Blog)

      Do not think about, write about or deal with  human behavior without determining the effects of incentives.       From what is apparent on May 6, 2011, most of the gunfire in the elimination of Osama bin Laden came from the American team. Brief, armed resistance came from one resident while the others killed, including bin Laden, did not have firearms.       I’m assu … Read More

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